Now you can make your Vacations Dreams come true with DEEPLY discounted travel deals worldwide with Digi Travel Pass. You can get discounts to Luxury Hotels, Romantic Cruises, Timeshare Rentals, Exotic Resorts, including all-inclusive packages and More!

All this is made possible through the many exclusive business partnerships we’ve generated over the past 10 years!

Membership Digi Travel Pass gives you access to all the tools you need to start fulfilling your travel dreams. Book travel through your personalized website, e-mail, by calling our direct concierge service phone line.

Design your dream From a simple seed or idea you can select any destination in the world. Our Travel Design Department, through your personal concierge will help you organize, plan and adjust the logistic’s of your trip with clarity and efficiency so that you, your family and friends can enjoy the smoothest travel experience of your life.

Enjoy the moment No matter where your dream’s may take you or what part of the world you find yourself, we at Digi Travel Pass will always be by your side day and night to fulfill your needs.

We are also providing,

  • Permanent Concierge Service

  • Mansions

  • Private Jets

  • Regular flights access

  • 300,000 hotels worldwide with DigiTravel Pass rates that surpasses any guaranteed discount.

  • Special Trip design and

  • Events

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